Why Weak Foundation Should be Repaired Right Away

The worst kind of problems a building can have are found in its foundation. The entire weight of the structure depends on the foundation. If it’s weak, the entire building is weak.

This problem is usually caused by expansive soil, poor drainage, improper construction, and earthquakes. Some even face this issue when there is construction going on near their house.

If the soil underneath the house is not compacted properly, the house will always be at risk, and sometimes, the problem shows itself when it’s at the last stage. The minute you find out that the foundation of your house has gotten weak or damaged, you should get it repaired as soon as possible without waiting for the ‘right’ time.

It Gets Worse with Time

A weak foundation only gets weaker over time. It also damages other parts of your property and compromises the entire building. Normally, foundation repair of a house costs over $10,000, but it is going to need a lot more money the more you wait. 

This is a problem that should be catered even if you have to take out a loan or borrow money. You will start to see cracks in walls, floor, and ceiling, the floor will become uneven, and the chimney will start to pull away from the house.

Every Repair and Renovation is Risky

All of the issues mentioned above will need separate fixing and are going to cost you extra, which you already know. But many might not know that it’s useless to repair these issues until you fix the foundation. Repairing or renovating the house will only hide the problem for the time being; it won’t make the problem go away.

Even if you repair the porch, it will start to pull away again after a few days, weeks, or months because the foundation of the house is uneven and the weight of the building is hundreds of tons. 

House Can Fall Any Time

Even if it looks like the problem is not that serious, you should know that it’s very difficult to accurately judge how long it will stand like that. The house is compromised the minute the foundation becomes uneven and the house can fall any day.

It’s best to call a professional to have a look and move out of the house. Start looking for a service provider and put concrete in the foundation after consulting with an expert. 

Can’t Resell that House

You can’t sell your while its foundation is weak. If you hide the problem, you can expect a lawsuit that you will likely lose. If you tell them, the house is unlikely to sell.

There will be people who would be interested in buying your house despite its foundation problems, but they will pay you only for the land. They will simply assume that the problem can’t be fixed, and they will have to break down the entire house and rebuild it from scratch. This means your house loses its value, and people will only buy it for the land.

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