3 bad product design examples

When working on a digital product or service, you need to be aware of mistakes that can lead to disaster. Avoiding mistakes will bring you one step closer to a functional and easy-to-use product design. It also means that you will configure your product to be successful and promote greater user engagement and conversion. If you want to make sure your visitors, customers or users stay with you for longer, you need to provide them with a good user experience! This means not only following best design practices, but also knowing what mistakes to avoid. What should we look out for?

The initiative is too small for the project

Too little initiative means that the project team will have little involvement, because it is a temporary gathering of specialists who will have neither the time nor the inclination to cooperate. The people involved will never fully become a project team, they will not be motivated enough to work on their tasks. Moreover, the organization will usually prevent them from working on this mini-project, burdening them with tasks with higher priorities.

Lack of a proper CTA hierarchy

Another example of bad product design is mismatched CTAs. If the conversion rate of CTAs on your website is less than 4%, it is necessary to make corrections. Call to action is a call to action encouraging the user to take a certain action. It can be a simple button, text or specially designed graphics. In short, the purpose of a call to action can be anything you want to persuade the customer to do. An example of a mistake can be the location of the button. The “Design online” button was located under a tab, meaning no one ever scrolled to it; in order to see it and start designing, users had to look through all the technical options, such as dimensions, orientation and paper type, which had to be selected first.

Poor UX writing

We need to remember good UX writing to avoid bad product design. UX can generally be described as the sum total of the feelings an internet user receives from their engagement and analysis of a particular website.  This experience includes everything from the way a website functions to its design. Bad UX represents a serious flaw in any subcategory of the interface that significantly reduces the user’s ability to successfully use the platform.

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