5 Benefits of Handheld Massager Massages After Training

More and more people are getting into fitness. Most people assume that fitness success revolves around how hard you puh yourself or how often you go to the gym, but they fail to realize that the most important step is actually recovery. Muscle is built when we are resting, however sometimes that may not be enough. Luckily there are new amazing tools on the market like handheld massagers which aid recovery and help us achieve many amazing additional benefits. Here are five benefits of using handheld massagers after training.

Better mobility

Mobility usually goes hand in hand with muscle flexibility. The difference is that mobility relates more to how the joints move. Muscles are connected to the bone via tendons, while bones have joints. When muscles get tight, they can cause painful joint impingements. These amazing human features are supposed to move relatively freely and without causing any pain. However, every athlete can confirm that they have at least one joint restriction somewhere, which usually causes pain and hinders performance. This is where amazing tools like a handheld massager come in handy, to release the muscle tension and thus eliminate any joint restrictions, improving joint range of motion and muscle force production.

Better blood flow

Another key component of recovery and muscle hypertrophy is optimizing blood flow. As we all know, blood carries all of the necessary nutrients and oxygen necessary for muscle recovery. With optimal blood circulation you are less likely to experience muscle strains or cramps. It also helps with increased athletic performance, as muscle requires freshly oxygenated blood in order to function properly. This could provide you with those extra few reps on the bench press or those couple more miles when running.

Improve your overall health

In order to keep your immune system working optimally it is crucial to have a healthy lymphatic system. Massage guns give our lymphatic systems a good boost by fighting off infections. When this system is properly moving fluid around there are no toxins and waste left in the body. You can further boost the function of your lymph nodes when massaging your muscles as you improve the overall circulation so the entire system functions with zero hiccups. In addition, your muscles will feel much lighter after a workout, so you can feel more motivated to stick to your workout program.

Reduced DOMS

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the sensation that everyone experiences when they start working out. It is a feeling of extreme muscle soreness after a vigorous workout. It is usually at its highest 24 to 72 hours after exercise. The pain arises as a result of microtrauma or the mechanical damage to the muscles at a microscopic level, which helps the muscle grow back stronger and thicker. However, this soreness is definitely a debilitating factor especially if you are struggling to recover properly. Handheld massagers have been found to reduce the feeling of soreness and stiffness in a muscle after just five minutes of use. Now you have something to look towards after a heavy workout session.


Except the physical benefits there is also mental stimulation that you experience when getting a massage. However, people cannot usually afford to visit a massage therapist every day. Luckily, using a handheld massager is equally as relaxing and way more accessible. High quality relaxation can now be at an arm’s length and all you need is ten minutes to spare for amazing benefits. Since people sit way too much and do not change their positions often it is quite common to experience neck and upper back pain and stiffness. However, with the help of a massage gun you can get a quick massage session in for every 2 hours of sitting down. This increases motivation to continue working and studying, while also promoting circulation which helps with cognitive ability as well.

Handheld massagers are absolutely taking over the fitness recovery tool market. This is somewhat unsurprising considering all of the amazing benefits that come from getting your hands on this amazing tool. The benefits can be felt after just ten minutes of use. This is a great tool for improving overall mobility by eliminating any joint restrictions. In addition, it also improves blood flow which helps with better recovery. This goes hand in hand with improving the function of lymphatic systems which can boost our immunity. Debilitating muscle soreness and stiffness is no longer an issue if you can spend just five minutes massaging after your workout. And if all of these benefits aren’t enough, consider the amazing relief and relaxation that you can get from massaging with a massage gun.

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