5 Easy Tools and Tips to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an increasingly complex process that changes multiple times each year as search engine algorithms change. Google and other search engines like to cloud their algorithms in secrecy but a little inside knowledge from experts can go a long way.

There are many proven ways to improve your SEO rankings and ensure you are

using the right approach to keywords, backlinks, user experience, and more. In this post, we share tips for SEO tools that can help improve your search rankings.

5 Easy Tools and Tips to Improve Your SEO Rankings

1. Google Analytics Helps You Know What Works and What Needs to Change

Google Analytics is a tool that allows users to track and analyze website performance over

time. This software collects data using the Google search engine and generates reports that

highlight statistics and metrics relating to online traffic.

Google Analytics requires that you add a simple piece of Java script to the website (a simple process) which enables this data to be tracked. But what kind of information does Google Analytics provide?

– The source of online users to your website.

– The amount of time each user is spending on the site.

– Which page/content is being viewed the most.

– Whether customers are answering a call to action or not.

– The number of online users to the website and specific pages of the site.

Google is the number one search engine which means it holds the key to online

behavior and patterns. You should definitely try to learn how to get to the top of Google’s search results . With the data and statistics it provides, Google Analytics can help website owners define or refine their target audience. Further, it helps identify any weaknesses and opportunities in the website.

In short, we all know the benefits of SEO to your business and Google Analytics provides

insight that helps you dig deeper into what does or does not work. There is simply no reason

not to use this SEO tool and every reason it could transform your website!

2. Semrush Builds a Solid Keyword Strategy

Semrush is another SEO tool that can help significantly improve your search engine rankings.

Although this software can help with backlink strategy, it’s most often used by SEO agencies

to pick keywords and monitor their performance over time. But how does it actually work?

Semrush has an immense database of keywords (20+ billion) and it tracks the efficacy of

each keyword. This helps business owners and experts identify the best keywords to target

and then refine their keyword strategy according to performance.

This is highly important for any SEO campaign because research is often the different

between a successful campaign and one that runs over budget. For example, Semrush can

help you use metrics such as cost-per-click (CPC) to choose keywords that provide the best

return on investment. There is also a “keyword gap tool” which helps you spot opportunities

(gaps) in the keyword profile of your competitors!

You can use Semrush not only for analyzing your own website but also your competitions’. It’s considered an all-in-one keyword research tool and while you can access a free plan on Semrush, the paid version is much more powerful!

Note – Semrush also has a database of domains (more than 800 million) and tracks the

position of each URL on search rankings

3. LowFruits SEO Tool Provides More Keyword Opportunities

Sticking with the topic of keywords for a moment, LowFruits is one of the more recent tools

to take the SEO world by storm. The aim of this tool is to identify low competition keywords

for which your website can rank quickly and with low cost.

This can save you a lot of time because many SEO tools are somewhat bloated and provide

the same old keywords. LowFruits specifically picks out keywords to which you can add a

small update or change in order to generate more traffic online.

This is why the tool is called “LowFruits”! You essentially use this tool to capture low hanging fruit in the world of SEO keywords! You can pay as you go with each search/report on LowFruits and it can produce some amazing keyword ideas.

As noted by Digital Authority Partners  LowFruits is best used in conjunction with another keyword tool such as Semrush or maybe Ahrefs.

4. Ahrefs Helps Create a Powerful Backlink Profile

Ahrefs is widely known as the best backlink tool on the market. You can use this SEO tool to

audit links relating to any website. Analyzing this data gives you access to what is working

well for your website and also what works best for the competition.

Ahrefs can generate reports for thousands of keywords in a matter of seconds and some

agencies prefer this tool over the likes of Semrush for keyword strategy. However, there is

no competing with the power of Ahrefs in backlinking!

Ahrefs allows you access to the precise backlinks which your competition receives. Some marketing agencies even use this insight to copy the competitors’ profile and then make certain improvements in order to outrank them.

You can also use Ahrefs to monitor outbound links for your website and this SEO backlink

checker can prove invaluable for climbing up the search engines over time. Ahrefs also has an excellent audit tool, which is one of many features that ensure you will receive far more than you invest in the monthly cost of this SEO tool.

5. Use WooRank – Simplify your site’s SEO, social media, usability

WooRank is another staple for agencies that use this SEO tool to optimize their marketing

efforts. This is essentially a website review tool that extracts data relating to on-page and off-page SEO and uses this data to increase leads, traffic, and sales.

WooRank will allow you to rank keywords and discover how search engines

interpret your chosen keywords. It also highlights bugs or slow areas of the website, while

generating reports that marketing agencies use on a day to day basis.

WooRank is extremely popular and is one of the best SEO tools for auditing

a website and generating critical reports for SEO strategy. 

With this in mind, you should already know that research and experience is everything when it comes to SEO strategy and most website owners employ an SEO agency for the process.

Final Thoughts

High quality SEO is the key to ranking high on search rankings and generating traffic, while

making the most of interactions with visitors to your website. You can use these SEO tools to

refine the process and improve your rankings but a concerted effort over time is also needed

in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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