5 Factors Why Java Professionals Should Know Hadoop

Let’s take a look at the importance of Hadoop in the lives of Java professionals. The various components involved, need to be identified. Especially for those who want to pursue a career in Java.

Guess what?

If you are a Java engineer and are studying Hadoop, it will benefit your work in the long run. Therefore, think seriously about the similarity.

  1. Knowing Hadoop makes you different from the crowd:

There is no shortage of programmers who know Java, however, they are just a face to the crowd. A Java expert who is studying Hadoop is training to withstand the rigors of Big Data. Reading Hadoop combined with Big Data Analytics will make you stand out from the crowd. Businesses around the world do not use Hadoop because they need it. They need to move to Hadoop as it looks good, and they continue to chase competent Java engineers with Hadoop.

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  1. Flexibility:

You will find a large number of cases where Java programmers thought it was easy to go to the Hadoop section. Once you are a Java developer – you can do the following to get into the Big Data function. The Big Data market has just been set to continue in the coming years. New data-related innovations such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc. will soon ask for a talented ability to eliminate open job positions. Obviously, employers will first look for Java developers who know Hadoop – to fill these positions.

  1. Increased opportunities:

Although Big Data has opened channels for new Java applications in Pune, in some areas software developers photographing different standard technologies and Java Professionals are doing a remarkable job by choosing to study Hadoop technology.

According to Dice’s Open Web, a site with practical experience in investigating hiring patterns, the “Java Hadoop” combo is a highly regarded skill specialist in the IT business. If a Java professional is studying Hadoop, you will be eligible to apply for a large group of positions such as Big Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data science etc.

  1. Java + Hadoop is a deadly combination of payment packages:

In addition to a quick job graph, Java professionals studying Hadoop can expect optimal bundles rather than various technologies such as UNIX, Teradata, SAP, VB, C ++ or generally as a Java specialist.

How nine out of the top ten pay IT salaries for programming languages, websites and Big Data capabilities. Payment technology rates have increased by 3% and IT professionals with skills in Big Data-related languages were among the highest paid.

So if Java professionals are learning Hadoop, then they will be seen as very important in their current organizations and their combined Java and Hadoop skills will make them more marketable.

  1. Premier’s IT giants prefer Hadoop professionals with Java skills:

A study of LinkedIn profiles that Hadoop as their capabilities revealed that there are about 17000 people working for companies like Cisco, HP, TCS, Oracle, Amazon, Yahoo and Facebook, and so on. In addition to these Java professionals who study Hadoop can start their careers with many new businesses such as Platfora, Alpine data labs, Trifacta, Datatorrent and more.

Not only that, apart from Tech Company Hadoop technology used by Railway and truck organizations for a variety of purposes such as Care Timber, integrating GPS data with weather information for safety purposes, computer-to-distance distances between trains, visual acoustic sensors on brakes, rails, switches and other equipment. Hadoop is also used in traffic management find the opportunity to experience traffic speeds, acceleration and deceleration, weather conditions, and more.

Now, with a little idea of what skills you should have in order to get a successful job in the industry, you can plan on these lines. The best Java training centers in Pune are available to assist you with skills development.

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