7 Historical Facts About Lottery You Must Know

Lottery in today’s world has a special place in the heart of so many people. Like everything else in the world, People can participate in lottery betting physically and electronically. Knowing specific things about the lottery is essential as an expert or an intending lottery player. Keep reading to find out amazing facts you need to know about the lottery.

Origin of Lottery

Won’t it be a little surprising when you’re told that the word แทงหวย is a Dutch word despite having its origin in Italy? A lottery can be translated to “Fate” in English. Yet, the origin of lottery can be traced back to the first lottery hosted in Milan in the year 1449, The Millan Lottery.

The luckiest man in lottery

Frame Selak of Croatia has been said to be the luckiest man to have played and won the lottery. Frane won €800,000 at the age of 73.

Lottery in India

Did you know that at a point, the government of India used lottery to reduce the rapid growth of their population? The Indian authorities came up with a policy that those who would volunteer themselves to be sterilized would be given a total sum of 600 rupees and would be given automatic access into a lottery where they can win various household Products and a car

The lottery was used to cubbed Tax avoidance in China

In 1951, the government of China realized that high numbers of stores in Taiwan were avoiding paying tax by not giving their customers receipts for the products they bought. They introduced a lottery scheme where customers earn themselves a lottery ticket on each of their receipts, qualifying them for a lottery worth $300,000. This made the customers avoid stores that don’t give receipts and always demand receipts from those who do. Consequently, this enabled the government of China to tax these stores based on the number of receipts they issued out.

A man was jailed for winning a lottery

A man from China was condemned to life in imprisonment after being caught by the authority. He purchased a lottery ticket after the winning numbers were declared. This permitted him to prevail upon $4 million.

Lottery was outsmarted

A wise man named Voltaire realized that the total prize to be won in the lottery was way higher than the cost of all the lottery tickets combined. So, he teamed up with his friend, and they bought up. All the lottery tickets and got the winning for all the winning numbers.

A man won the lottery because he was divorced

A married man was given a total of a lottery winning by his divorced wife after he sued her for falsifying the data she shared about her belongings. The woman divorced her husband on winning a total prize of $1.3 million from a lottery immediately to avoid giving him half of the money as permitted by the family code statute. When this was realized, the court-mandated her to give all the money from the lottery to her husband.

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