A Guide for Choosing The Right Carpet

Selecting a brand new carpet for your rooms needs a lot more effort than just finding a style in the color. Here are some things about carpets which you must know. 

Main types of carpet fibres- 

1. Wool-

Wool is a classic material used to make soft carpets. It’s elegant, luxurious and also easy to maintain. It is natural and is woven. It offers a great variety of designs, detailing and color options as compared to tufted carpets. Also, you can get good stain resistance. Additionally, this material has inherent flame resistance features.

2. Nylon-

Nylon is a durable material and also costs less. It offers abundance of styles and textures. Nylon is also resistant to soil and colorfastness.  This carpet can be recycled and repaired easily.

3. Polypropylene-

Initially known as olefin, polypropylene is a solution-dyed synthetic which is water- and stain-resistant, making it a perfect choice for indoor/outdoor floor covering.  As this carpet type is solution dyed, it cannot fade out and is a good choice for rooms which have more sunlight or traffic.  

4. Polyester-

Polyester is considered as a good choice for its soft texture and thick pile. It is a ideal choice for styling in your bedrooms as well as kid’s room. It is available in abundant styles and patterns which makes it easier for you to choose from.  

5. Triexta-

This is one of the newest fibers in the carpet market. This fabric is a blend of   performance, durability, stains resistance, soil resistance and is also easy to clean and soft. This fiber is made from a polymer.

3 Prime Types of Carpets-

Carpets are created from fibers which are cut, looped or both cut and looped. Though there are number of other categories of styles in carpets, still they tend to fall in one of the above groups. Initially, carpets of any style were hard to clean or repair, however with advanced techniques and methods, repairing carpets is no longer a tough task. Also, there are plenty of professional firms which offer carpet repair in Perth and Adelaide to make carpet repair easier for you. 

Here are some of the main styles in which carpets are made

  • Cut Pile

Cut pile style can induce durability in the carpet through the kind of fiber used while weaving any carpet. The greater the twist, the more flexible the shape you get. These type of carpets are perfect for high-traffic areas.

Following are the sub categories in this style. 

  • Plush- This is a luxurious carpet style. However, it can show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. So, this style is ideal for room with formal seating. 
  • Saxony- This style gives a refined texture to the carpet which makes it best suited for dining rooms as well as living room.
  • Loop Pile

In this style, you will get level loops also multilevel loops. As the yarn tips of these carpets are unexposed, they can stay intact for more time and are perfect for areas with high foot traffic. They are perfect for family rooms. Following are the types of loop piles-

  • Level loop pile carpets- In this type of carpets, the loops have same height and also a fairly uniform look. This style is usually durable and can stay intact in high foot traffic areas. 
  • Multi-level loop pile carpets-In this carpet style, you generally get a couple of various height styles to create various effects and you also get good durability and look. 
  • Cut-Loop pile style-

Just like the name suggests, this carpet style blends the cut and looped yarns. You can get plethora of surface textures with various patterns and effects like squares, swirls and zigzag. Such effects and patterns are great in concealing soil stains. 

How to choose the right carpet for your home or office? 

While choosing a new carpet, you can ask yourself some questions in order to determine the right type of carpet for your home or office.

• Which room are you going to keep the carpet?

• How much food traffic does that room have?

• Is there lot of sunlight coming in that room?

• Does the light change whiledaytime?

• Am I going to place the carpet in indoor or outdoor place?

• How often will I get the carpet vacuumed?

After answering these questions, you might be able to decide the appropriate fabric and fiber for your carpet. This will also help you to choose the right colour, texture and also pattern. 

However, no matter which carpet style or you choose, you will definitely need to repair your carpet due to spilling, or some wear and tear. And that’s where we can help you. At Carpet Clean Expert, we provide Carpet Repairs Adelaide to help you in getting your carpet bc into condition in case of damage. 

So, in case you have a carpet which needs any kind of repair, then connect with us now and hire our Carpet Repairs Perth

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