A Guide On Wedding Planning

It can be hard to plan a wedding, whether you have two years or three months. Our Ultimate Wedding Checklist is for you to make innumerable lists in your head or on a scrap of paper only to forget about them minutes later. A wedding planning timetable that walks you through all of the major tasks you will need to complete in order to have a spectacular wedding day. 

Researching, budgeting, and figuring out what to do when it comes to wedding planning can be overwhelming. So we put together a comprehensive checklist of everything you will need to do, from selecting a wedding venue to shopping for a gown, and also organizing a honeymoon. Read on.

Prepare A Rough Guest List.

You can’t decide on a wedding budget or venue until you know how many guests you want to invite and how much money you are willing to spend per person. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to ask everyone to celebrate with you, so consider who you wouldn’t be able to get through the day without. It’s a good idea to ask for your parents’ assistance in coming up with the guest list since they have more knowledge about your distant relatives. This list will guide you on the number of Stacking armchairs you will order for your coming big day.

Make A Spending Plan.

Starting your married life in debt adds unnecessary stress, so be honest about how much money you have in savings, how much you can save before the wedding, who might be able to help financially, and whether there is anything else like a house or future family that you should be preparing for. It won’t be fun, but sit down and crunch the numbers to figure out how much money you have to spend on your wedding.

Make Arrangements For A Photographer And Videographer.

Some suppliers can be booked closer to the wedding date, but others sell out quickly and should be booked as soon as your venue is confirmed. Photographers and videographers are two examples, and you should start looking for one 12-16 months before your wedding day. The earliest you should book is a year in advance, as the best hotels fill up quickly. Photographers and videographers contributing to the enjoyment of the wedding and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime, so don’t make this selection lightly.

Purchase Accessories For Your Outfit.

You can start purchasing your accessories, such as shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, and lingerie, now that you have chosen your wedding outfit or know what you are planning to wear. Grooms can purchase shoes and accessories such as ties and cufflinks to begin wearing them in. Contact  China Jewelry manufacturers for the best and high-quality jewelry for your big day. This is a really enjoyable part of the wedding planning process!

Purchase Your Wedding Rings

You will want to get your wedding rings with six months to go. Take your time deciding because you will be wearing it every day for the rest of your life! Also, make sure that whatever you choose complements your engagement ring if you have one and that you stick to a budget. A bespoke ring is a beautiful alternative to buying something from a ready-to-wear selection, but it will take a bit longer. If this is the path you want to take, we recommend starting the process a little sooner.

Place Order For Your Cake.

If you have not made an order for your cake yet make sure your cake design is finalized and ordered at the four-month mark. Confirm whether you will need to pick it up yourself or if the cake maker will deliver it to your location, as well as when you will have to pay.

Distribute Wedding Party Gifts.

Gifts for your parents, bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen (if you have them) are often saved for the thank you section of the speeches. If your gifts are something you want the recipient to wear or carry on the big day, it’s ideal to give them first thing in the morning. They will be grateful and delighted to use or wear what you have given them on the big day! In case you decide to gift them a nice perfume, ensure it is packaged well in a Plastic box custom and leave a message if possible to make them feel appreciated.


When you are planning the greatest and most significant day of your life, there are a million tiny details to remember. You will need to keep track of various key aspects when organizing your wedding, and while you may have support from a wedding planner, make sure you go through our guide on each item as you plan to make your day perfect.

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