Best Type of Carpets to Buy If You Have Pets at Home

If you have pets in your home, then you need to choose your carpet carefully. Here are some fabrics which are suitable for households with pets. 

  • Nylon 

Nylon is one of the most durable and easy to clean material. Also, it has best texture retention feature and your carpet with nylon fibres will remain intact for years. Plus, these carpets are abrasion resistant which makes them a perfect choice for households with pets. Moreover, nylon carpet can look similar to woolen carpet but with extra durability and stain resistance. Also, you can buy a nylon carpet in various colours and patterns.

  • Wool

A tightly woven natural woolen carpet fiber gives a luxurious look to your carpet and is resilient towards wear and tear. Also, it recovers nicely after repair and does not get dirty unlike synthetic carpets. So, in case of spills or accidents, you might need to clean it right away. 

Factors to check while choosing best carpets for pets-

The best carpet which is suitable for your pets is the one which withstands lots of playtime and scratching. A pet friendly carpet needs to be resistant to stains and should give you comfort and warmth which is enjoyed both by pet as well as by you. 

So here are some factors which you need to look for while buying a carpet.

  • Comfortable material- 

Every material withstands to damage in different ways. Fabrics like nylon, triexta, polyester, wool, and olefin have best resistance towards damage and can get repaired easily in case of wear and tear.

Fibres of nylon are affordable, durable and also stain resistant. Also, they provide you look similar to wool. 

Triexta looks similar to nylon, but provides a softer feel. These carpets is stain resistant and also retains moisture as it is tains hydrophobic.

Polyester which is a synthetic fiber is even less costly than nylon and also feels soft. It is highly affordable and is popularly used for deep pile carpets with low foot traffic areas. Due to its durability, it is one of the best fabrics o be installed for homes with pets. 

Wool is a natural material which is soft and offers luxurious feel.  Materials like wool, padded wool are considered as healthier for your family and also for your pets.

Olefin is again a synthetic material and is affordable and tough as compared to other synthetic material. 

  • Stain Resistance-

Your pets might test the stain resistance of your carpets many times. But, if you have carpets. So, you need to look for carpets which are made for resisting stains from soaking into the padding of your carpet. This will help you to prevent build up of moistures and mould.  Such stain-resistant materials can maintain the look of your carpet for long time and you do not need to replace the carpet more ofter. Also, synthetic material come with cost effective prices and have stain shielding feature. If you buy a carpet which is not stain resistant, then it might not be any good for your home with pets. 

  • Longevity and durability 

Pet owners might be aware that durability is a main factor in selecting a carpet which withstands the naughtiness of your four-legged friend. Dogs and cats love play, run and scratch the ground which leads to carpet damage.  The face weight of a carpet determines how much yarn is enough to create a carpet pile. This is compared with the thread count of sheets, in which the higher the number of fibres, the denser and enduring the carpet material is. Carpet’s longevity and durability is dependent on its style and making. A nylon, olefin, and wool defydamage in a better way as compared to other types of fibers such as polyester, which makes them more durable.

If you want a durable and long lasting carpet, then look for a tightly woven carpet which can enhance durability. This also reduces the risk of thread pulling or shedding and alsosuch carpets cannot get damaged due to scratching by pet claws. A durable carpet which is pet friendly needs to be woven in cut pile style, which means there should not be any loops to get trapped in your pet’s nails. Such carpets are woven in a specific manner which helps them to get concealed and stay away from any stains or marks. Additionally, they also give your room an elegant look and feel. 

Our suggestions-

The best quality carpet for your pet and for you is the one which can withstand the playfulness, wear and tear which your pet brings to your carpet. Depending on this criteria, you can make a choice of a perfect carpet for yourself.

However, no matter how durable and perfect carpet you choose, it can still get damaged either due to pets or due to some other reason. In such case, we are here to help you with our Carpet Repair Sunshine Coast and Carpet Repairs Perth. Our versatile services can help you fix damages in your carpet and maintain its look. So, connect with us now and schedule your appointment for carpet cleaning from Carpet Clean Expert.

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