Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid for a Better Experience

Every corner of the house deserves your love and attention in equal measure. When you plan them properly, it becomes easy to maintain aesthetic and practical balance through various details. Picture your kitchen, for example. In this busy space, the correct choice of elements can ensure high productivity at much less stress. Thoughtful design considerations can come in handy in this, including storage, workflow, finishes, or equipment. All these will directly impact the money and time you spend on this space. If it is your first renovation experience, you can take professional help to fine-tune your idea of a perfect kitchen.

The interior experts can also prevent you from making expensive design errors.  It can be surprising, but both first-timers and seasoned homeowners tend to be gullible due to lack of awareness, wrong judgment, nervousness, or overexcitement. You don’t have to make mistakes to learn what could go wrong. Do a bit of advanced research to play safe. Here are a few hints in this context.

Packing too much for a luxurious punch

Many people believe they can make their kitchen d├ęcor plush and lavish with statement items. To achieve this, they end up adding too many elements without realizing the risks. They invest in costly kitchen islands, fridge-freezers, or other such huge features. If there is enough room, you don’t have to worry. Else, the traffic in the kitchen will get affected. When you take any such step, make sure there is at least four feet distance between the two parallel rows of appliances to avoid the issue of banging doors or collision. 

Forgetting about the angles

A successful open floor plan must focus on the entire room to bring cohesiveness. Suppose you pick a specific shade for kitchen cabinetry. When you visualize all the corners of that space, you will know whether the chosen cabinet color will make a good impression or not in the overall design and decor scheme. Sit on the sofa facing your open plan kitchen to understand what looks missing and what deserves to be present. Will it look beautiful if you put some paraphernalia on the exposed shelves? Another essential consideration can be the noise problem caused by your kitchen appliances during use. The best way to tackle this is to buy quieter configurations. 

Not paying attention to the appliance size

Usually, everyone cares more about worktop and cabinet dimensions. They take appliances for granted, assuming these will fit easily. Disappointment happens when a refrigerator or oven protrudes, disrupting the entire streamlined view and workflow. Account for this critical point to avoid any such challenge. You must also consider the amount of space these things will take up when you open their doors. It will help you know the clearance space required to prevent them from banging into each other on the front or sides.

Not being careful about the choice of flooring

The high-traffic places have to be picky about the flooring because it cannot survive without being strong, tough, and anti-slip. Avoid any cheap or thin base. It will not tolerate heavy-weight appliances for long and crumble. At the same time, the floor material has to be resilient and waterproof. Do you worry that so many considerations may restrict your chances of finding a stylish finish for the flooring? Leave all your tension aside. Kitchen floors come in an excellent range with vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and others. Their stunning designs and patterns can match any theme.

Ignoring the cabinet handle designs

You get a wide selection of undermount kitchen basins. If you get one of them, you will be conscious of the cabinet’s shape, size, and material to ensure that your new sink sits well. At the same time, you will make sure it shares a resemblance with the surrounding counterparts to maintain a stylish appearance. But when it comes to handles, you may look at these hardware items from an aesthetic angle. You can emphasize that these go precisely with your interior theme’s spirit, which can be contemporary, modern, traditional, or other.

Since modern or contemporary decors support crisp features, you can decide to buy invisible pulls to keep things in proper order. However, you may not think about the ease of use. What if the handles are stiff or give you a tough time when you pull them with greasy hands in a hurry? So, keep a check on this trait while shopping for them.

Wasting the wall space

Don’t spend all your energy on the position of the countertop and appliances. You may miss out on an important point then. It is about the kitchen wall space. A galley kitchen can have floor crunch, limiting your experimentation with different types of storage systems. But even this style offers a fantastic opportunity if you are mindful. The empty vertical walls can serve the purpose. Use them for hanging cutlery, colanders, pans, and others. You get lots of wall-mounted rails. Buy any of them for this. If the room has decent ceiling height, you can build cabinets up there to store items you occasionally need. The most accessible spaces will have some extra room for your daily use items when you do this.

Overlooking the minor organization details

Nothing can be more fun than exploring and buying cabinets and hardware for your kitchen. You need to assess what these will hold and how. It will help you set your eyes on broader possibilities, starting from dividers, carousel cupboards, roll-out shelves, pull-out larders, etc. All these modern solutions can facilitate better storage and appearance. So don’t get fixated on the cabinet’s overall size, shape, color, and other features.

These are only a few examples of where people mostly go wrong. A kitchen renovation project involves multiple aspects, requiring thorough deliberation. Hence, the chances of slip-ups remain high. If you take these things into account from the beginning, you can proceed with preparedness. You can also clarify your doubts with the contractor or designer to establish why your decision may work or fail. Such practices can save time, money, and effort.

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