Dedicated Web Hosting Explained

Why is dedicated hosting such a big issue in the business web hosting market? When you look at the costs involved, usually ranging from $ 150 – $ 1000 a month, another question comes to mind: Is it worth it?

Why is dedicated hosting such a big issue in the business web hosting market? When you look at the costs involved, usually ranging from $ 150 – $ 1000 a month, another question comes to mind: Is it worth it?

If you have one web server hosted by a single customer by a web hosting provider, you are dedicated to web hosting. There are two very common solutions in the web hosting industry: dedicated virtual servers and shared web hosting.

To make it easier to capture ideas, a dedicated virtual server shares web server computer resources with other hosting provider clients. You do not get all your computer in dedicated server hosting plans.

Shared web hosting also shares the same features as dedicated web hosting. The main difference is that while in web hosting dedicated web server computer is owned by the web hosting provider and is staffed only by the customer, in accessing shared web hosting the customer owns the web server computer. The web hosting provider only maintains a web server computer and sells the bandwidth to the customer.

Dedicated web hosting One web server is monitored by a single customer.

Dedicated web hosting is an ideal solution for high-traffic businesses. The functionality of your website and the application required for its operation will fall under your strict control.

But with dedicated web hosting there are additional benefits.

Your hosting provider handles all concerns regarding the care, security, and integrity of your web server. Since you are hiring a computer, don’t buy it and don’t worry about keeping hardware and computer connections. This frees you from partiality or problem solving, as all of this falls into the provider’s responsibility. Many web hosting providers will even offer you compensation as part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Generally, in the event of such a failure you will be reimbursed for the cost of your monthly or part of your hosting plan, depending on the severity of the failure. It looks great compared to paying for the part and the technical assistance needed to replace the part, all this while your website is offline. At the end of the day you will only pay for the hardware that works.

Think about what your business can do with all the resources you have recently stored in the repair issues above.

Since the cost of managing and maintaining the web server you rent varies depending on your web hosting provider, you can choose between “managed” or “unmanaged” service levels.

In the event that you feel uncomfortable with the technology required by a web server computer administrator, you may choose dedicated “managed” hosting. This means you will have an “control panel” available. The control panel allows you to perform all the important tasks required for the smooth operation of your web server by pointing and clicking the easy-to-use interface. This way you will not need to know or type any command lines, or store in-depth system information, while being able to set up, manage and store all websites on your web server.

The “unmanaged” option is only recommended for those with a high level of web server management technology as it provides root access to the server. This, in turn, provides complete server management, making it possible to configure the entire service on your web server. Of course, the lack of necessary and well-designed services may result in significant system failures. These are the reasons why dedicated uncontrolled hosting is only recommended for people with a solid server management domain or for web developers who need custom apps for their websites, or a customized site.

Having a dedicated server means that computer stability will not be accustomed to problems affecting shared web hosting solutions. Just think of the overcrowding, the server is full of applications and components required by other customers, or system errors are often made by beginners. Add to that the shared web server processing time and embedded memory shared with the software programs required by other users.

Managed or unmanaged, dedicated web hosting makes it easy for you to provide instant support to your customers when needed. This will not happen on a shared hosting plan or you will face delays and additional technical support costs. Needless to say, the fast support service on your side also means happy customers and business growth.

For those who run a web design business for example, the benefits of having their own dedicated web server are important. This is not true because his studio will be able to provide pure hosting services, but because he will be able to provide them integrated into the web design work. Customizing a customer’s website or uploading a new one is a matter of minutes if you have access to day and night on your web server. Another advantage comes from the fact that if the complete solution for web presence, design and hosting, is provided by the studio to the customer, there is a higher chance that that customer will become a regular.

The benefits of a well-dedicated business web hosting solution translate into sales growth, better customer relationships, improved corporate image, reduced costs compared to an in-house web hosting solution, and the list could go on. A dedicated web server means you can run a better business and a better business learn to profit.

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