How to Prepare For the SBI PO Exam 

You may wonder how to prepare for the banking exam from scratch. You need not start from ground level as you are familiar with basic math, English language, reasoning, and aware of the current affairs. All you need to do is brush up on the skills already acquired, the way to answer questions within the timeframe, and other aspects that help you to crack the exam on the first attempt. You may remain assured no question will be asked out of the blue. Every question comes from the course outline with varying degrees of difficulty. Some problems may look intricate, or some formula appears complex, but revision and practice iron out those intricacies. 

The learning curve 

Firstly to crack the SBI PO exam, you need to grasp the basic concepts of the subjects and make a plan to crack the prelim and main exams. The learning curve consists of numerous steps. You need the passion and dedication to crack the exam as it is becoming more competitive as more job aspirants appear for the exam. Before taking further steps, ensure you understand the subjects comprehensively, know the weightage of each subject, and emphasize them consequently. As the course outline is massive, you need a schedule to cover all categories. A well-planned timetable eliminates the likelihood of missing out on a topic. Make a schedule that encompasses every subject with special emphasis on weak ones, where you need to put more effort. 

Revise time and again

Even if you have completed the whole course outline, it is mandatory to revise it time and again. The more you revise less time you need to recall the information. Precision and swiftness are required to crack the exam, as incorrect answers draw negative markings. It is crucial you have clear concepts about the subjects, especially in topics like quantitative analysis and reasoning ability. Time management is crucial when you solve problems. If you assume that it will take longer, then attempt other questions. This will give ample time to cover a wide spectrum of queries. Practice enables you to solve long questions accurately and quickly. 

English language paper

Do not take English language papers for granted, for there has been a severe difference in quality and structure in the last few years. Revise the grammar rule from Wren & Martin, and go through the instances you will spontaneously grasp. Reading English newspapers and magazines will enrich your vocabulary and writing skills. Solve cloze quiz, correct the sentence, spelling, filling and identify the errors.

Reasoning ability

Reasoning ability paper is relatively easy if you have reasoning aptitude and practice it regularly. Practice four or five problems regularly. In the exam, start the puzzle with small numbers. Solve questions pertaining to coding-decoding, blood relation, inequality and direction, and distance.

Quantitative aptitude

To excel in quantitative aptitude, memorize cubes up to twenty, square till forty, percentage to a fraction, and conversion of Streameast the fraction to 1/25th. For faster calculation, learn Vedic mathematics. This becomes handy in exam hall to solve miscellaneous problems. Comprehend number series, quadratic equations, ratio proportion, average, and percentage. 

For many aspirants, general awareness of the SBI PO exam is challenging, but if you are watchful of current events, you can score high in this paper. Understand the socio-political impact of world events that happened in the last four-five months. 

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