Sublimation Printing Machine SubliXpress

The Colorjet SubliXpress is one of the best-selling machines for industrial-sized printing operations. Its dual rail setup offers excellent control of media unevenness and offers a print quality of up to 600 by 2400 dpi. It uses a power variable vacuum bed and features TST technology to eliminate vibration and ensure smooth, consistent prints. Its versatility is also apparent from its two-level color management system.

SubliXpress has four print heads that offer variable ink-jetting intensities, allowing you to print up to 600 x 2,400 dpi. The printer also supports a wide range of formats, including JPG, TIFF, and PDF. The ReliXpress has a high-speed production capability and offers several useful features, including 4 different temperature settings, adjustable ink-jet head, and a built-in color management system.

The SubliXpress Plus comes with an eight-head design and is a high-production, high-quality sublimation printing machine. It is equipped with a multi-layer cooling system and a variable drop inkjet Printer. The device also offers advanced synchronization of inkjet movements and a powerful infrared dryer. This device is ideal for large-scale printing productions and is also equipped with a Jumbo Roll Feeder.

The SubliXpress is a 72-inch industrial dye-sublimation printer. Its rip software, Colorjet, and active seaming technology allow it to print a wide variety of applications. It is also equipped with an active seaming system. Its low power consumption makes it an excellent choice for first-time investors. The machine is also eco-friendly. The SubliXpress Plus is suitable for businesses with low-volume dye-sublimation production requirements.

It is an industrial high-speed sublimation printing machine, equipped with 2 or four print heads. It prints in variable intensities between four and 72 PL and is capable of producing up to 9.000 m2 of prints per day. It has a wide 900mm diameter roll, making it suitable for high-volume productions. The SubliXpress is the fastest ROI 1.6m in India.

It features multiple brush rollers, high-speed printheads, and a high-speed servo motor. Its gold-plated metal encoder allows precise jetting at high speeds. It has an advanced dual-stage drying system to prevent paper puckering when printing large patches of solid colour. The SubliXpress is an eco-friendly polyester fabric printing machine. It is made of environmentally-friendly materials.

With its enormous production capacity, SubliXpress is the ideal choice for high-volume printing. The SubliXpress is the newest digital fabric printer available in the market. It has two different color-shifting heads, with the color-shifting printheads positioned on the sides of the fabric. It also has an adjustable speed dial, which helps the user adjust the color-shifting speed.

The SONIQ HQ PLUS is a 3.2mtr high-quality solvent printer with a high-speed printer and a wide-color-ranging press. This machine’s active paper-tension regulator senses the pressure of the print. The SONIQ HQ Plus produces clear, sharp prints that are reminiscent of real-life objects. Its leaf clamps detect a sudden change in paper tension.

The METRO is an extremely versatile fabric printing machine. Its vacuum bed makes it possible to print on a range of fabrics, including cotton and viscose. Its heat-sensitive inks can be used to print on silk and other fabrics. The HP DesignJet 1.8 m wide digital fabric printing machine is ideal for textile business needs. Its heated tray is adjustable and the machine detects variations in paper tension.

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