Tips of Using Promo Code to Enhance Your Sales

Customers are always looking for offers that offer them more for less, and with this, marketers think of the best and most profitable way to offer their customers reasons to purchase their products. Promo codes are becoming the most efficient and safe way to push customers a little to make purchases. A significant percentage of shoppers who get promotions, recommendations, or personalized coupons during shopping end up spending more. According to predictions, more than thirty billion customized redeemed their coupons in 2019 globally. With email marketing automation Channel’s help, encouraging customers to use promo codes can be productive and strategic as you have every advanced feature and data you need at your disposal. Here are the tips for using promo codes to promote your sales.

  1. Use Personalized Offers to Target, the Right Customers

The most basic marketing strategies that marketers avoid are personalization and segmentation. Adopting the features of segmentation and personalization in your email marketing automation channel can ensure your promo code is appealing to your customers. To know the right group to target, you first need to experiment with different email segmentation lists with the available customer data, including location, transaction history, and demographics. You can then send them customized promo codes like specifically designed using their information.

  • Use Expiration Dates to Create Urgency

Customers hate missing out on amazing offers. Using the time concept, you can push your customers to minimize their decision-making process and act with urgency. Use urging phrases such as “Expires Tomorrow” or “Today Only!” to create urgency. You can also include a countdown in the promo code to help customers see how time is running out.

  • Give Promo Code at the Convenient Time

Timing impacts everything. When sending promo codes to your customers ensure you are sending to the right customer and at the right time.  Your promo codes should vary based on seasons and available holidays. You can also format your email automation platform to give away promo codes when your business receives high customer’s engagement.

  • Send the Right Offers

We have already noted about offering the right customers with the promo code and at the right time, let’s discuss about giving them the right offers. You should note as a marketer that customers are currently attached to discounts and the value of free items and shipping. Most of them acknowledge that they opt to shop in Online Stores because of the free shipping they get. Experiment with various types of offers and note the one that appeals to your target audience. The results will help you come up with the best strategy to use next.

  • Acquire New Customers Using Promo Codes

Besides using promo codes to encourage and retain customers, you can use them to establish your email list and acquire new customers. For example, you can send promo codes to your existing customers, which they can shop with after referring a certain number of individuals to sign up for the available offers.

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