Ways to Improve Customer Experience

High customer experience is the key to business success. It is the goal of all companies, but in today’s situation, it has been very difficult due to the effects of this ongoing epidemic.

As employees and consumers become more realistic, potential customers are increasingly turning to software and online services to meet their needs, and businesses need to acquire and use the right technology for them.

It starts with building a solid business foundation. Built on what has become the “seven pillars of customer experience”. These seven pillars can serve as a model for those managers in the face of this rapidly changing digital revolution. This includes know your patients

  1. Continuity Businesses need to roll up their sleeves and keep up the good work as conditions change quickly. If technology fails you when employees switch to remote work, it’s time to use secure remote access and equip your team with the right devices and software.
  2. Communication. Today’s customers expect to be able to communicate with you easily and simply. When they stretch out their hand, they want to make sure that they are heard. Reducing waiting time for answers and decisions makes people feel cared for, especially when there are plans in place to keep them updated.

This may include responding via email, phone, and Internet access channelsCloud tools are used to effectively use texts, forms, and templates, and to use affordable and cheap VoIP for business to help route calls, connect monitoring, record calls, and more.

Good customer communication can be achieved by providing employees with accurate and up-to-date customer information and business data. It will help with clear and effective communication between all of the customers.

  1. Software. Depending on the nature of your company, your software needs may be much deeper than communication. Your IT team or external Managed Service Provider (MSP), can get access to the right tools and advanced integration. They can help customize the software to suit your specific business needs.
  2. Security. Some consumers are still nervous about moving their customers’ experience into the digital space. They are wise to be careful with safety. Cybersecurity should be upgraded to the highest standards, if necessary, to build trust and confidence in the privacy of its customers.
  3. Training. Employees should feel confident and comfortable with the technology systems they rely on to perform their duties. Customers are not concerned when employees fail and become frustrated. Better tools, role-based configurations, and effective training will help eliminate headaches.
  4. Data Protection. Data protection is a major focus of any customer service program. However it is only part of what an outsourced IT team or MSP can do. Better IT also produces better data initially, allowing you to improve business processes and improve customer experience.
  5. IT Recovery Solutions. Do you remember the time when your company was down for a minute but went back online directly? Probably not, because there is nothing to remember. A break that lasts for hours or days, however, is very memorable and can cause problems for employees and customers alike.

Gartner, a world-renowned research company, has estimated that leisure time costs businesses an average of $ 5,600 per minute (more than $ 300,000 an hour), and that returns to 2014. Now it is very important to deal with problems and go back immediately. Every minute is important, so make sure your IT staff or support team has good backup plans and a disaster recovery plan.

Companies that build a customer service platform based on these seven pillars will not only surprise their clients but also benefit many businesses.

George Rosenthal is the founder and partner of ThrottleNet Inc. ThrottleNet provides a wide range of technical services and products to help business owners achieve their business goals and accelerate business growth. These include cloud computing, custom software and mobile application development, and outsourced Managed Network Services services that help companies improve their technological time and IT capabilities while, at the same time, reducing costs. To learn how to speed up your trip to IT – TrottletleNet online at http://www.throttlenet.com.

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