What is Face Sculpting?

The secret weapon of the most sought-after makeup artists rotating around Hollywood, this facial sculpting oil with jojoba and argon will change the way you see contouring.

For the woman on the go who doesn’t want to skip a beat, we created sculpting. The lightweight and richly moisturizing formula not only leaves your skin feeling soothed and renewed but visibly smoother and rejuvenated.

We set out to create sculpting for the woman on the go from sun up until sundown that never stops working. This innovative baby + adult skincare hybrid has been designed for modern women looking for lighter-weight creams with ultimate hydrating power. You are no more waiting around in big bikinis at resort poolside when you could be reaping benefits in your backyard!

Look your best with our new face sculpting techniques. Add volume to thinning areas of the eyebrows, quickly sculpt tired-looking eyes, and fill in sparse sideburns for a fuller appearance.

You are restoring and perfecting what time and age have stolen from your face. You can regain that elegant yet youthful appearance you knew as a child with sculpting treatments designed to target the trouble areas that need it most.

Sculpting is an excellent way to restore lost volume in the cheeks and around the mouth, which plumps up lower facial features such as lips or eyes!

The next time your coworker asks what you want for lunch, say, “I can’t decide,” and they’ll know why. Our sculpting process is the only way to shape up today’s mobile workforce; we give them full attention in a matter of minutes before they’re on their way back to work.

You asked for this! Get instant sculpting results with Botox, concealers, powders, and serums. Get that celebrity look you know will impress at an event or interview without the downtime from surgery. Punch up your features with contouring to highlight your jawline, cheekbones, and more – no excuses needed for dark circles; just layer on a little of our highlighter product.

We hope you’ll join us in sculpting away those days past when people used their fingers to carve their faces – now is the time for shaping the future of makeup, so it doesn’t have to look natural anymore… unless you want it to.

Creating a more flattering and accurate face with our sculpting system couldn’t be easier. The use of this innovative tool provides the most precise, gentle way to get the shape you want in any area of your body, including your chin, cheeks, nose, lips, and eyes. This delicate instrument will refine multiple angles on all sides to create natural-looking curves rather than sharp edges. The results are perfectly contoured curls that add fluidity instead of force to your appearance; not only does it make you resemble a Greek goddess, but also it makes every day feel like Xmas morning and effortless!

Forget about makeup; sculpt your face instead! Struggle with eyebrows that are not shaped well? Lines around the mouth that don’t go away no matter what you do? Frown lines in your forehead? No probs. Our team of facial sculptors can help you shape up, and it’s never too late to make a change.

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