What is the Real Story Behind Fortune Telling? The Straight Scoop: The Spiritual Science of Predicting the Future

What is the accuracy of fortune telling? What qualities make for a good fortune teller? Do fortune tellers and psychics really work in the same way, as in the case of psychics and fortune tellers?

Is there anything I should expect if I go to a psychic who does future readings, particularly if I get to hear something I don’t want to hear?

Usually, fortune telling tends to be vague, so do not be surprised if that is the case for you. That is the nature of art. Fortune tellers will often make clear the obvious scientific fact with their predictions.

For instance, if you work hard, you will succeed. And if you are a good person, you will eventually be happy. Fortune tellers have never been wrong with these words.

As a fortune telling business, we get a lot of questions and inquiries, especially about  clairvoyance and its differences from traditional precognitive psychic readings.

There is no doubt that many people use new age jargon or terminology interchangeably. Depending on how one sees it, what one perceives as conventional clairvoyance another might consider fortune telling.

Although in my own experience, most legitimate and gifted psychics, mediums and spiritual counselors of all types do not really like being called fortune tellers, just because the connotations are somewhat negative.

Generally, however, people who do fortune readings are looking into the future.

They are hoping  to divine or determine a probable outcome. Many people who do these types of readings also use what are described as spiritual props;

A lot of people think that esoteric items like crystals, tarot cards, and ouija boards that are used to predict the future are scary. In reality, they are often used to predict future events and are cool and entertaining.

How many of the earliest psychics were thought to be either prophets or fortune tellers, for instance?

In Nostradamus’ day, even a super famous psychic, who wrote books predicting events that have remained inspirational for centuries, was considered a fortune teller.

There remain a number of traditional methods used by people who used to read futures years ago, and they are still incredibly effective today, such as:

The palm reading (less so because of the negative stereotype but definitely gaining more credibility because of recent discoveries in energy medicine, meridians, chakras and acupuncture)


Mirror gazing is an excellent way to develop precognitive abilities and predict future events (something I’ve been writing about for years, and it’s a fun way to have a spiritual or psychic experience without having to believe anything but your own observations)

Future telling, and the idea that destiny controls the course of our lives, and that we are here for a reason with a unique meaning and purpose that can be known in advance, will NEVER be discredited.

Our bodies and brains are hardwired for this and, if you believe like I do, our spiritual DNA is as well!

If you want to know what your future may hold, you might consider suspending your disbelief for a moment and seeking out an empath who is capable of seeing your future.

They will tell you where to turn, so you will get to where you are supposed to be!

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