With Truemeds, the online pharmacy has come to you!

Aren’t we all fed up with our regular, inconvenient nearby offline pharmacy?

Leaving home to go to the local pharmacy and waiting in the long queue to buy medicines sounds dreadful from head to toe. Doing it seems impossible! With Truemeds, the online pharmacy has come to you on your phone. 

How is Truemeds better than a local pharmacy?

  • Truemeds is far more convenient than the local pharmacy.

Buying medicines from a local store is extremely inconvenient as it requires you to leave your house and wait in a long queue. During the night or bad weather, you cannot visit local stores to buy medicines as it becomes closed. It is even unsafe and exhausting during the night.

With Truemeds, you can buy medicines anytime and anywhere. This app for buying medicines doesn’t close for its customers, unlike local pharmacies.

  • It saves a lot of time for the customers.

Buying medicines from a local pharmacy requires a lot of time, which makes it an exhausting job. If you have a busy schedule, asking to spare an hour from work to your boss is impossible. 

The online pharmacy of Truemeds doesn’t require you to spare an hour. The app for buying medicines only takes a few minutes to complete the order.  store and services.

  • It sells CDSCO approved medicines.

Are you sure that your local pharmacy supplies government-approved medicines? No, right?

Medicines you buy from your store could be adulterated, fake, or diluted.

The app for buying medicines only sells CDSCO approved medicines tested under a strict testing process. So, chances of you getting fake, adulterated, or diluted medicines are nil.

  • The app for buying medicines requires a valid prescription.

A local pharmacy does not ask for a valid prescription for medicines every time. This happens mostly when the customer is regular. A common medicine like paracetamol even needs to be sold with a valid prescription. 

The online pharmacy asks for a valid prescription at all times from its customers, with no exception of medicines like paracetamol.

  • Medicines available at Truemeds are affordable.

Your local pharmacy sells medicines at an unreasonable price because it involves middlemen during the supply of the medicines, which makes it unaffordable for customers to purchase medicines. 

The online pharmacy of Truemeds sells medicines at a reasonable price to its customers because it directly supplies the medicines from the manufacturers to customers. And makes it easier for customers to purchase medicines without harming their pockets. 

  • Truemeds offers home delivery of medicines.

Your local pharmacy doesn’t offer you an option of home delivery of medicines. Thus, you need to go to the pharmacy to purchase medicines, which takes a lot of time and is tiresome.

The app for buying medicines is made for home delivery of medicines. You can order medicines anywhere and everywhere easily and swiftly. 

  • The online pharmacy dispenses customer support.

Your local pharmacy doesn’t provide customer service to anyone. After you buy medicines from the store, there is returning of medicines or refunding of money.

The online pharmacy provides competent customer service for resolving the issues of the customers. In case of any queries, you can contact the service at any time.  With Truemeds, exchanges, returns, and refunds are easy.

If you haven’t still switched from your local store, switch now to Truemeds!

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